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ClubFR DD24

Hosting Organization(s)ClubFR Inc. / Drift Association Midwest
Event TypeDrifting
Event Date(s)19-Oct-2008
Event Description/
Drift Day 24 will be at USA International Raceway in Shawano, WI where drivers of all experiences can come out and test out personal skills on 3 different course layouts. Instructors will be available on an as needed basis.

This event will be a practice day with no competition and the last drift day at USA International Raceway. We will be hosting an event at Gateway International Raceway in November as the final, so stay tuned for that.

For more information please visit and
Event LocationUSA International Raceway
Street AddressW5901 County Road BE
State or ProvinceWI
Postal/Zip Code 54166
Location Description
Driving Directions
Please visit for directions to the track.
Maximum Entries40
Online Registration Opens11-Sep-2008 1:00 AM EST
Online Registration Closes18-Oct-2008 1:00 AM EST  Online Registration is CLOSED
Online RegistrationView Entry List
Officials and
TitleNameEmail AddressPhone
PresidentSimba Nyembasimba@clubfr.net630-362-4178
Current WeatherClick for extended forecast
Listing Date12-Sep-2008 by Simba Nyemba
Last Update17-Sep-2008 by Simba Nyemba
Page Views1006

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