Hosting Organization(s)Saginaw Valley Region SCCA
Event TypeIce Racing
Event Date(s)28-Feb-2021
Event Description/



Registration - 8:00-10:00 am
Tech Inspection & Practice Runs - 8:00-10:15 am
Drivers Meeting - 10:30 am
First Car Off - 11:00 am

Bring your Car, bring your Truck or SUV!  Loaner helmets not available.  Winter or snow tires preferred, minimum all-season with 4/32" good tread required.

This event will be limited to 50 cars. 
Check the website frequently as the event can changed or be cancelled right up to the last minute due to local conditions (too much snow/too little ice/too cold, etc.). 
Please drive safely and respect the citizens of Beaverton and make use of the local businesses while in town... Beaverton's hospitality is what makes these events possible.

Cost is $35 for current SCCA Members & $55 for non members (Weekend Membership fee added).  Registration will open the Sunday preceding the event at 8PM EST.  Absolutely no refunds after registration closes.

Contact Judy Hudak ( to be put on the wait list if registration is full.

*********** COVID Guidelines **********

In light of current events, Saginaw Valley Region SCCA is taking precautions to ensure that our events are as safe as possible for all entrants and volunteers. The following policies and procedures will be put in place for all of our upcoming events. We will continue to evaluate our procedures as we gain more experience and as conditions change. We ask that you be patient and understanding with the actions that we are taking.



We are offering full entry free refunds, no questions asked, by request. If you are not feeling well, do not come to the event — we will give you a full refund of your entry fee. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we may let someone on the waiting list take your spot.


We are only accepting online registered and paid entrants only.

Only competitors and event workers will be allowed on site. For now, we are not allowing any spectators at our events to keep the number of people on site to a minimum. This policy may be relaxed later in the year.

Competitors and event workers will be asked to check in, as usual. Check-in may take place with the registration worker behind a plexiglass divider on a table (for autocross) or behind the window of a car (for rallycross). Show your drivers license and your membership card behind the barrier and the registration worker will check you in. Once again, only online payment is accepted, and we are not accepting cash or checks at events.


It is strongly recommended that SCCA members apply for yearlong waivers, aka “hard cards.” To receive a hard card, click  must here to log into your SCCA account. Then, print out a waiver form and either 1) have it notarized, or 2) sign it with an SCCA member witness. You may bring the yearlong waiver form to an event and sign it in front of the waiver worker, which would fulfill the requirements for a hard card.

Any site-specific waiver forms will still need to be signed when entering the site for the first time with the waiver worker.

At the entry to the site, we will have two buckets of pens, one clean and one dirty. You will be asked to use a clean pen to sign the waivers, and to deposit the pen into the bucket of dirty pens once you are finished. Wristbands will either be handed to you, already separated, on the clipboard with the waivers to sign, or placed on a table near the waiver worker for you to pick up.

Those attending with minors will need to sign the Minor Waiver form available on the SCCA website. If there are multiple parents or legal guardians, they must each sign the form either on site in the presence of an Event Official or have the form notarized prior the event. 


Tech inspectors will be inspecting aspects of your car from the outside only. They will ensure that the wheels are solidly mounted to the car with no play in the wheel bearings, the tires are not damaged and are not showing cords, the battery in the engine bay is properly tied down, and the car is appropriately marked with class and car number.

The tech inspector will ask you to verify that your brake pedal is firm, the accelerator pedal returns, and that the car is clear of loose objects.

You may be asked to show the tech inspector the sticker inside your helmet if you do not have a current helmet sticker. Once the tech inspector visually confirms the helmet sticker, you may be directed to pick up a sticker from a table next to tech inspection.


We will be doing pre-event online drivers meetings. We will send out either a link to an online video, teleconference, or written document before the event that will comprise the general safety and event procedures of the event.

We will also hold a condensed on-site drivers meeting to answer any questions that entrants may have. This may be done either with a socially-distanced gathering where we have the safety steward answer questions with the use of a bull horn or microphone, or with a teleconference or live stream.

There will be no official awards ceremony after the event. Trophies may be distributed either at the event, with entrants picking up their trophies from a table, or sent to entrants after the event.

Procedures for the drivers meeting and the awards ceremony are liable to change as we learn what works well and what doesn’t. Any official guidelines from the SCCA, government organizations, and suggestions from our local members in the medical community may also affect how we conduct pre- and post-event meetings.


When outside and not in cars, all entrants and event workers must maintain 6 feet of social distance from each other. This means staying 6 feet away from other people in the paddock, out on the course when doing course walks or working corners, and in spectator areas.

Face masks are mandatory if you are within 30 feet of the timing truck/RV. A 30 foot perimeter will be marked around the timing truck/RV, and anyone within the marked perimeter must be wearing a face mask.

We will attempt to staff the timing crew with volunteers from the same households. Timing crews may be asked to work multiple heats in an attempt to limit the number of people that need to enter and exit the timing truck/RV in a given day. The event chair will make the determination, along with the worker chief, as to how to handle the timing crew staffing. No one outside of the timing crews will be allowed inside the timing truck/RV when the event is running. This will be strictly enforced.

Anyone found flagrantly disobeying the rules detailed here will be asked to leave the event immediately and without refund.


For the time being, we are not providing loaner helmets. All competitors must bring their own helmet to use in competition, and the helmet must pass tech inspection.


Only people from the same household as or who arrived with the driver will be allowed as passengers.


We will attempt to limit workers in any given vehicle to those of the same household, or may require multiple vehicles per corner. Only the corner captains will be allowed to handle the radios. There will be disinfecting wipes at the timing van; corner captains will be asked to sanitize the radios and the flags before and/or after their shifts.


Competitors are responsible for bringing their own face masks and gloves. Please do not forget to bring your own. The club will have a small reserve supply of face masks and gloves at the timing truck/RV for those that forget to bring their own, but we may not have enough PPE to supply all entrants at an event.

Cleaning wipes will be placed at the timing truck/RV. Remember, face masks are mandatory within a 30 foot radius of the timing truck/RV.


Workers setting up and cleaning up the event are responsible for bringing their own PPE. We will not be attempting to disinfect all cones, equipment, and material after the conclusion of an event; enough time will pass between events such that equipment and gear will naturally disinfect itself.


These rules and procedures will be in place only as long as the pandemic poses a threat to our entrants and event workers. We will adjust as conditions change, and as we get feedback from you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Event LocationRoss Lake boat ramp near downtown.
State or ProvinceMI
Postal/Zip Code 48612
Location Description
Driving Directions

The boat ramp is in a small park just north of downtown, on the north side/east end of Ross Lake. Dress for the weather.

Please list tire type in notes to the registrar (e.g. all-season, winter, studded)

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Event ChairAshley DuPreebrian_dupree@hotmail.com616-443-3529
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