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Santa Rosa Rallycross Practice March 28, 2020

Hosting Organization(s)Norcal RallyCross
Event TypeRallyCross, Test and Tunes
Event Date(s)28-Mar-2020
Event Description/

Practice day to tune your car setup and work on driving technique. We will have two run groups. You will drive in one of them, work in the other. Runs will be timed but we will not be doing formal scoring.

The number of entries is limited to 30 in order to keep the group small and make sure everyone gets lots of practice time (typically we aim for 10+ runs each).


12:00 Course open for walking

12:000-12:30 Registration/Tech

12:30 Mandatory Drivers Meeting

1:00 Practice begins

5:00 Approximate End Time

How much:

Entry fee: $65 for the day (we are no longer doing discounts for registering for both days)

Please note, we are trying a different approach to registration this season. If you want to reserve a spot at the event, you will need to pre-register and pay on-line. We will still be doing on-site registration with cash payment but only if there are open spots and on a first come first serve basis. We are not charging any on-line payment fees, so either way your cost is the same.

The reason for this change is two-fold. First, most of our events fill-up quickly and we want to minimize the number of spots that are held for people who don’t end-up coming to the event (we hate turning people away and then having no-shows). Second, it simplifies registration at the events and will hopefully make the event run smoother and get us out on course sooner.

We realize that plans do change. If you let us know at least one week before the event that you will not be able to attend, then we will give a full refund and open your spot back up. Late cancellations for emergencies will be considered, but donations are greatly appreciated too. At the end of the day we’re all volunteers supporting our favorite sport the best way we can.

If you have any issues or questions about the on-line payment, please reach out to us via email and we will work with you to resolve it.

In summary:

                -Pre-register: $65 and pay on-line (you have a reserved spot)

                - At the event: $65 and pay cash (if there are open spots)

We are limiting registration to 30 entries. This event will likely fill up before the deadline, but in case it hasn't, pre-registration ends in the evening of Friday, May 27th.

Who can play: 

Driving: Anyone 18 and older. 16-17 yr old, needs both parents present for insurance paperwork reasons. Cars generally need to be regular street cars with a fixed roof. SUVs and trucks that are at stock ride height may be allowed at the discretion of the Safety Steward.

Who can ride along: Anybody over the age of 12. Children 12-17 years old need to have both parents present for insurance paperwork reasons.

Camping: Unfortunately, there is no camping available at the race site in Santa Rosa.

Preparing for RallyCross tech inspection:

1. Make sure your car is in generally good working condition, this includes: working belts, windows, no major fluid leaks, battery tied down securely etc.

2. You must have a tire pressure gauge with you (even a cheap pencil type gauge will work)

3. If you are running street tires and it is your first RallyCross, you must have 40psi in the tires when it is time for the inspection. You can do this at a gas station before you arrive or bring a small air compressor with you and do it at the site.

First time? Check out the FAQ at
Event LocationLot D Santa Rosa Fairgrounds
Street Address2005 Linwood Ave.
CitySanta Rosa
State or ProvinceCA
Postal/Zip Code 95404
CountryUnited States
Location Description
Driving Directions
The event is not at the 'main' portion of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, but rather at Lot D which is at the corner of Aston Ave and Linwood Ave.
Maximum Entries30
Online Registration Opens05-Mar-2020 9:00 PM EST
Online Registration Closes18-Mar-2020 1:00 AM EST  Online Registration is CLOSED
Online RegistrationView Entry List
Officials and
TitleNameEmail AddressPhone
Event ChairTyler
Timing & Tech InspectionDonnie
Race Promoter & RegistrationLisa
Current WeatherClick for extended forecast
Listing Date04-Mar-2020 by Tyler Munger
Last Update18-Mar-2020 by Tyler Munger
Page Views324

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