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MINIs Take The East Coast

Hosting Organization(s)Hampton Roads club MINI,
Event TypeCruises and Tours
Event Date(s)13-Jul-2019 to 20-Jul-2019
Event Description/
Join us for a fun, laid back trip from Augusta, Maine down to Florida. We'll motor through some great scenic mountains, along some nice rolling hills, through some low country down south and end up in Jacksonville, Florida. You can take part in just a day or two, or the entire trip. It's entirely up to you. You can run with a pack or forge your own way, following our prescribed route or now you come up with. I told ya it was a laid back run!

Event LocationStarts in Augusta, Maine
State or ProvinceME
Postal/Zip Code 04330
Location Description
Driving Directions
July 13 Augusta, ME
July 14 Lincoln, NH
July 15 Lenox, MA
July 16 Allentown, PA
July 17 Richmond, VA
July 18 Jacksonville, NC
July 19 Savannah, GA
July 20 Jacksonville, FL
Current WeatherClick for extended forecast
Listing Date21-Oct-2018 by Dale Blankenship
Last Update21-Oct-2018 by Dale Blankenship
Page Views389

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