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JawBreaker Road Rally

DescriptionWhether you make 40k or 4million a year, you'll be welcome at the Jawbreaker Road Rally. Most of us aren't celebrities, we just love cars. Most importantly we love driving them. You can attend Jawbreaker Road Rally without taking an entire week off work to do some of the other more glamorous rallies. We'll give you an amazing route, awesome afterparty, sweet swag, a 4 star hotel room, new friends, and a ton of stories you'll be telling your grandkids someday. Join us for another unforgettable weekend of fun.
Organization TypeSanctioning Body / Racing Series
Organization FocusCollector / Exotics, Imports, Street Rods / Customs, Racing / Performance Driving
State or ProvinceOH
Postal/Zip Code 45219
General Info
Listing Date25-Apr-2010 by Jason Persinger
Last Update25-Apr-2010 by Jason Persinger
Page Views5106

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