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Banzai Crusers of Lexington KY

DescriptionWho we are:
Banzai Cruisers is a family based car and truck club with a long history and a tradition of excellence. Having been around in the mini-truck and custom car world for quite some time, we have become one of the most well known and respected clubs across the United States.

Our purpose:
We are a committed group of mini-truckers and custom car enthusiasts who are committed not only to our vehicles, but our sport and fellow club members as well. With so many clubs in the mini-truck scene that accept the vehicle instead of the person who drives it, Banzai has become a club which does not judge a person by the vehicle that they drive; instead we judge the person who is applying for membership based upon their personality. Thus, it has become our goal to bring together a group of people who not only enjoy mini-trucking, but the company of their peers and fellow club members as well. It is with great pride that the motto of Banzai Cruisers has become: "It's not about image, it's about friends".

Our current goal:
As is the case with many custom vehicle clubs, membership numbers have a tendency to drop every now and then. Right now, Banzai Cruisers is in a period of rebuilding its membership. We are looking for people who want to be part of a fun group of people who enjoy the sport of mini-trucking. Our doors are open to all kinds of vehicles, whether they are trucks, sport-compacts, classics, or SUVs. If Banzai Cruisers sounds like the club that is right for you, then what are you waiting for? Click Here and fill out our simple contact form to request more information about when and where you can find us. As always, our meetings are open to newcomers and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Organization TypeClub
Listing Date23-Aug-2002 by Shaun Young
Last Update23-Aug-2002 by Shaun Young
Page Views3836

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