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DescriptionFormula RallyX (FRX) is a nonprofit organization that organizes and promotes events that cultivate the growth of RallyX, a form of motorsport also known as dirt time trials or rally cross.

FRX stages events of its own and provides support and organization to local event organizers when requested. FRX makes available organizational assistance, insurance (via a third party), equipment, promotions and personnel. During events, FRX harbors a fun and casual atmosphere that fosters safe and positive competition. Through its activities, FRX aims to increase public interest in the sport - initially in California and Nevada, then in other areas of the country.

FRX is not intended to compete with SCCA, NASA, CRS, or any other motorsport organizations. Instead, FRX focuses on RallyX and offers collaboration when appropriate. Towards that end, FRX lobbies larger organizations' support of RallyX for the consolidation of rules, better representation, and other issues relevant to the sport.

For 2007, FRX plans to run 9 championship points events. 7 core events will be operated by FRX and sanctioned by NASA, while 2 associate events will be operated and sanctioned by the SCCA. To celebrate the 2007 season finale, the '07 FRX Championship will also be the NASA RallyX Nationals and will coincide with the Laughlin Motorsports Festival in Laughlin, NV. In 2008 and beyond, FRX looks forward to adding additional points granting events.
Organization TypeSanctioning Body / Racing Series
Organization FocusRacing / Performance Driving
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Listing Date17-Dec-2006 by Micheal Malsed
Last Update07-Jan-2007 by Tam Su
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